Snake Creates a Diversion

Genome Soldier 1 - Hold! It might be a trap!
Genome Soldier 2 - Nice thinking. Mmmhrffmm…
Genome Soldier 1 - What was that? I couldn’t understand you.


C&C Blah…blahblah. Thanks.

Its rather nice, but somehow, i prefered the hue from the unedited one.
But it is nice

Oh, and about that posing, why is Snake’s left foot seems to be floating?

When Snake’s foot was flat on the ground, it looked a lot stranger than it does now. I had to have it in that position so he appeared to be equalling out his weight.

Coloured grain is odd.

I personally like the unedited version better.

Yea, thats alright, but still, his left leg seems stiff, just look how at straight it is

“Hang on, Victor! I’ll help you- Oh, hey, a turtle!”

I have to agree: I like the warmer colors better than the cold blue. Perhaps you should add the film grain and other effects to the original?

Sam fisher would have done it better :C and thats my OPINION, everyone has their own OPINION there for no one is right in an argument so lets not argue over this, I like sam better, you might like snake better leave it at that.

On topic. The posing on the arctic with the gun is weird, is he reaching for the turtle?
Also the arctic snake has a hold of has his arms free so he could easily get out of snakes hold.

Looks great but the grain effect kinda ruins it.

What do you mean is he reaching for the turtle? Read the dialogue. He’s telling his squadmate to “HALT!”. Also, It doesn’t really mean anything if your hands are free while your being strangled by Snake. If you’ve played any MGS games, you should know that.

Also, I never said anything about Sam Fisher, why are you freaking out?

I said what I said because I didn’t want a flame war on whos better, snake or sam.

I have to admit,I had a fantasy about Snake being naked when I read the thread name

You dirty little man, you have to be like me, DREAMING about Snake being naked.