Snake Sneaks up on the sneakiest.

Oy, where’d you get that Snake model?
Also: why are his hands so textured? Or is he suppose to be wearing mittens?
Lastly; funny as hell.

How odd

I just tried that in Metal Gear Solid for PS1,

And i died :frowning:

Well good posing
Also where did you get the faceposable snake? mines not :frowning:

I edited his face.

What Was That Noise?!

Also you did?
Hot damn
Too bad i cant gie(my / key doesn’t work) you a megaartistic

good job

Thank you.

Spy got caught putting on makeup

Whats that in?
MG3 Snake Eater?

Hope he has the Dead Ringer

Scout contracted Snake for this “particular job”.

Nicely edited.

Haha. Very good.