Snake standing in the Northern Lights.

:siren:I can not even tell you how long it took me to do this, I lost count after two hours. This is the first time I have ever done this, and it still did not come out the way I wanted it! :mad::siren:

It’s cool how snake doesn’t fit in the background at all.

Really. Cool.

You really need to add a fitting lights on Snake, else it looks really bad.

If something doesn’t come out the way I want it, I simply don’t post it and try to improve it.

Also the background effect is abit low resolution. You might want to try to make a bigger “effect/bg” pic first and the adding the character, then cropping a part of the pic.

This is why if you want a different background, you use gm_construct’s chroma key room.

Sorry mate, you might have been better off changing the sky instead of shopping in a whole new background.

P.S. for anyone who wants to mess around, I.D.C. here’s the orig.

this took you over two hours? sorry but it was a waste the posings ok but i would get a bettr snake model

Yoh mate.
I think you saw my Zombie in the forest picture. If you want I could give you some tips on how to make Snake fitting.
PM me if you want.

2 hours for this?
it would have take me 2 minutes for the same result…

Why the fuck did I got rated dumb?
I was just trying to help!!!

this is pretty good. although you propably should have asked someone to skin snake to have winter camo for you. That would have made it alot better