Snake using the B.D.U

olol on my laptop so im using my alt.
MasterFGH and L.T Mark edited it.

L.T Mark’s

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I like MasterFGH’s more, better lighting.

Posing is pretty good. Master’s edit is nice too.

I personally prefer Lt Mark’s . The lighting in Masterfgh’s is totally random.

Isn’t BDU some sort of camo by the way?

Naw. Battle Dress Uniform… so I don’t get why Snake is “using it” like it’s something special.

wait I thought it was Body Disguise Uniform, in MGS2 you use it in one of the levels as Raiden

Looks nice

Maybe that’s what it stands for in MGS2, but not usually. I don’t recall the BDU being called that in MGS2. Raiden uses something called the “skull suit” I think.

yeah, at the beginning. i believe after that, you have to go disguised to find a dude named “Ames” or something like that

And that is in BDU, but in the real-life sense of “Battle Dress Uniform”.