Snake Vs. Heavy Weapons Guy.

Oh I’m going to enjoy snake.

snake is losing health, but there is no blood, heavy is not even looking at him, no bullets are hitting him.

wat? :confused:

The injury thing preventing him from healing, probably shouldave explained that.

And the reason for heavy’s horrible aim is a play off how almost everyone in metal gear solid has horrid aim.

Is the heavy holding a black sentry gun on its side?

I like it. Very reminiscent of MGS3, especially the camera angle. You get a funny.

Reminds me about mgs1.

Meh, not bad but what is that Minigun model??

What the fuck is up with the heavy’s shadow :raise:

its a fucking source

“The raven on my head thirsts for his blood!”
-Vulcan Raven

Camera angle is a little too vertical, but the idea is great.

I agree.


Lol what.

I look through all the new threads when I get home from college.