Snake Vs. The Cartoony Fury.

I mind you I’m aware I fucked up on the jetpack greatly

I like it. Nice work.

Very nice i say.
The jetpack is okay.

Sand exhausts! :haw:

Good pic.

I hate you, I feel like I suck when I see your incredible screenshots… :frowning:

Someone did make a Fury skin for the pyro.

You should have used the steam tool in game to make the jetpack look better.

did you tf2-ize Snake?
nice picture, i like the concept.

Good work. I wish I still had a PS2 so I could play Snake Eater again.


It’s the editing. Amazing editing makes people ignore the mediocre poses :smiley:

well when I saw the fury I thought I saw the FURRY so I was expecting something different.

The pose is great on the pyro and the editing makes him look really nice, snakes posing is alright just a bit meh.

Very cool, Fury is never a character I think of.

20 bucks on snake. If he loses the level restarts, whats there to lose?

Nice man, nice to see your well is full.