Snap Traps dissapeared

Hello, i crafted like about 10 snap traps and placed them around my base, but after 2-3 days they all dissapeared, so i wasted 1000 metal fragments.

  1. Is it possible to steal snap traps, maybe someone stole them?
  2. Are they decaying?
  3. If 2 is true: Is there a way to prevent decay?


Snap traps can be broken (with melee weapons) or also triggered enough times to disappear.

The traps are easily destroyed. And after 8 (I think) activations, they break and despawn.

Thx, good to know, but why do they disappear, this is not realistic, the model should be replaced with a broken snap trap which can be repaired. Please change it like this @devs.

some1 destroyed it
thats it

It means there will be more objects in the game with those placed. (I’m not so sure you’d like to know that this might contribute to a lower performance overall, even though there aren’t as many).

It would be good to take half of the materials back, or anything that doesn’t involve leaving more entities on the server. (People tend to go overboard with anything that gives them a high advantage)

Then there should be a variable which counts how many snap traps you placed, and a server constant where the Admin can define how many snap traps per player is allowed.

You should watch out for a random mob that might want to burn you down :smile:. Other people might disagree with you, because they want to use every feature freely, without restrictions. And this is why there is so much abuse on every aspect.

Think it this way, you might want to use an x number of traps at your house. What if you want to lay traps when you’re raiding? Or when you’re trying to lure players at you? You’d need to consider the number of traps you’d want to place. I’m guessing people won’t like that.

But people also won’t like lags, caused by too many snap traps on the server

That’s the never ending cycle my friend. They know it runs like hell if you place way too many useless objects and leave them abandoned and they still do it. They don’t care, but they can whine about it all day long.

I think the current system is okay, though its probably a little dumb that you can’t just pick up someone else’s trap and use it or melt it down for the metal.

But-- if you could just steal someone’s traps, then they would become far less useful. Whenever you deployed one you might be making your enemies rich.

So now you can set them, and someone else can destroy them, but not loot them. It’s actually fairly well balanced for something they just threw in without thinking too much about it.

If they change it so people can steal the trap or the metal, you’ll probably stop using them altogether.

just have it gib like wall panels then disappear. nothing else remains indefinitely, there’s no reason for broken snap traps to do so.