Snark Real HL2 Hands

Lol I ported anims for using sproilys snark on hl2 hands. Now you can make weapon or at least just play in hl source.

What is this exactly, I’m confused.

Basically, it’s the Snark from Half-Life: Source (the Source port of Half-Life 1), but with the Half-Life 2 hands rigged to it instead.

The snarks aren’t from HL:S. Someone on FPSBanana made them. And the OP did a good job by giving it retail HL2 hands instead of the beta low poly one. Here’s an SWep of it, not sure if it works:

I am sorry, but this is just retextured hands from hl1, you can see triangles on fingers. Snark is not from hls, it is sproilys remake. And i dont know, how this swep works without snark npc model.

Oh well, it’s still a good skin.

Its still just taken from fpsbanana with using ugly hands reskin. I have not Garrys mod actuality, so i cant test this swep and cant say anything about lua.