Sneaking trough Baghdad

So basicly I wanted to have with Hairybastard a small editing competition, but after I showed him my almost finished pic, he was afraid to edit his work on his.

Now I sit here alone with my pic and without an opponent. : (

Here is the unedited version by Hairybastard.

Forgery! D:<

Fucking epic edit tho :3

Fantastic editing. Some of those shells are fucking huge though.

May I ask how the fuck you have those models :<

20mm shells.

He doesn’t >.>

what’s that on the wall there

great editing skillz here!

Isn’t it obvious?..

Gen Meat! :dance:

Holy cow, that’s awesome!

I don’t blame you Hairy! That’s hard to beat!

Some stuff I found on various websites

Wow, nice job with the background. It seems to be a flawless edit.

This in-fucking-credible. No idea how you edited this.
Tutorials on things like this would make me rate every thread you ever made.

Fucking awesome.

holy crap

that is fucking amazing

Mjans got owned.

Well… just take enough time for your pictures, I can’t say more than that… I used some brushes, played around with contrast, used real pics… etc etc

Basically google for images that you think would fit, and put them behind your object. Then just make them blend together by brushing and some filters. Just experiment.
Picture itself is ok, but I just dont think the soldier blends in with the realistic looking floor, plus hes head seems to be oversized:D

Thats one mad edit you got there! Don’t really like the model though…