Sneaky Ghillie

this is done with no adobe but please c&c pls and say if i need to use any tools on adobe with it


how do i add the picture? X(



Upload it for example on , when done, paste the direct link between



plus thrown in 1 random 1 help with edit pls?



Posing is acutally reasonably decent, but you’ve got a long ways to go yet. Needs better camera angles (zoomed in such), better graphics, and some editing never hurts.

kay ty this was my first posing btw

Why is that ruskie walking into a wall…

its called turnie jackass



(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Benji))

Why did he get banned for a week, just for that?

Beats me but I’m starting to like Benji more and more!

mmm definately

Yeah. He’s stricter than we’re used to, but I admire that he is sticking to the rules so closely.

Yeah, he hasn’t been corrupted like the rest of us… Yet…

xD i didn’t mean this as a flame (sorry for the posting on an old thread had to make myself clear)

Lol he got himself banned just after being released :byodood:

Posing’s decent, but Bear, please learn to use the edit post button and watch your grammar more. Will make it easier for all of us.

Yeah. Posing is okay. Needs some editing and a little better posing to nail everything down.