Sniper about to go off at a Spy


what is that thing?


It doesn’t replace the HWM Sniper. So there’s nothing to worry about.


pfft i broke the transparency

its byodood
between : :

I failed to add a jarate in it’s mouth. :argh:

Now if the Sniper’s teeth were sharp enough to bite through glass…

i thought you trid to do the emote but failed and picked it up on the internet

That makes me moist.

What is this abomination.

What the fuck, that face is hilariously retarded. I loled :v:

Oh my Jesus. Its…its…beautiful.

Looks like someone understands my avatar.

Lol’d hard man!

The eyes sort of freak me out.


Okay… this is creepy.

Looks like a facial fuck mask:biggrin: