Sniper Ambushes Unarmed Guard

Hey everyone. Here is my latest pose and edit. Made with, gimp and photoshop cs5 extended. Enjoy!


Taken with max settings 1440x900 resolution and jpeg quality 140.

C&C Please.

The muzzleflash and wotzit rifle shell are pretty crappy, but the blood effect was a good effort.

Sniping from 5 feet away, classy.

Thanks for the comment, I apologize for the shell (forgot to place one in game and didn’t save) and the muzzleflash (internet was capped when I was look for resources). The main focus of this however was to fiddle around with shading, which I feel I did fairly well.


Least he ain’t no scoping eh? Lol.

That is so bright.

The map had very bright HDR so when I applied the sun and made the enhanced lighting it was a bit brighter. Anyway I personally like the effect, besides there are some games out there that are much brighter than this.

what program do you use to edit these?

nevermind i just read it


It’s not bad, but wouldn’t the recoil from that gun send the guy flying back?

Never fuck with a man in a ghille suit, especially when he has a Barrett.


Nah, that flying backward after getting shot thing is a myth. If one man can hold a gun and fire it without getting thrown back, then the target won’t get thrown back either. I hate that a lot of games still do that.

I think that’s what he’s talking about. The victim is being thrown back, and the force imparted on the shooter should be approximately the same

Hes actually falling over backwards after having his head blown into smithereens.

If you watch video of real gun shot wounds, specially kill shots, you don’t fall back. Typically the person slumps straight down or falls forward.

Am I the only one who really holds a grudge against this rifle?

Oh well, not everything is going to be super realistic mate. But if I ever do a realistic pose then I’ll do just that.

The contrast is all fucked up.

Posing’s all good, but that soldier is reacting too much given it’s the moment of impact, and good fucking god that M82 is tiny. Seriously. The effects aren’t all that impressive really. Now, the blood splatter itself needs to be closer to the head stump, and there could be more chunks of flesh, bone, and skin flaps in the air.


It depends, really. The person could fall forward, backward, or just straight down depending on the direction of the force, stance, and even the released tension of certain muscles.

Well Its only my third time editing so obviously I need to learn a bit. Yeah I can see that the victim is reacting way too much now thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t make the model of the M82 so I can’t do squat about that. Again I’m still learning so the effects won’t be great, thanks for pointing out the blood splatter problem. I would need references for skin flaps.


First time fiddling with the contrast. Sorry.

Blood sucks.

Well its not going to get any better if you be rude about it and don’t give any constructive criticism.