Sniper and Engineer discussing things during the night

Sorry for shit title, couldn’t think of anything better. This was really just an attempt to draw in a match and flame, so please let me know how I did.


C&C please.

The Spy is the only class that smokes, so that Sniper is a SPY!

Ashtray in his RV.

Explain that. :colbert:

I like the lighting.

For his lady friend obviously… And since Scout’s mum doesn’t smoke…


Nice lighting.

Looks good.

Nice and grey atmosphere, good use of vignette.

But you should work on your smoke. It’s just a smudged blob of light and dark grey… Why is there even dark grey there? Smoke hardly has any shadows, and when it does the shadows are much more light unless there is a strong source of light on it.

The match doesn’t look like a match either, just a crudely drawn white stick, might want to look up a reference or something the next time you’re going to draw stuff into a picture.

It would probably help if you made the Sniper look a bit more badass in the eyes, rather than slightly surprised, would fit the mood more.

Well, the voice actor of the sniper IS married to the voice actor of the announcer.

Perfect picture

I do like the lighting.The pose is nice.

Posing is spot on and the lighting is great, DoF is pretty cool too.

Great work overall :buddy:

its all connected


I agree the parts of the smoke came out a bit too dark, I should have tweaked it a bit more. And next time I try to draw something in, I’ll be sure to use a reference.

Much obliged mate!

Wow, thanks pal! I never knew I could produce a perfect picture.

More C&C is welcome!

It is awesome :buddy: