"SNIPER" and "Pinned down !"



map : gm_flatgrass
few edits


Map : gm_flatgrass_night
No editing.

I love artistic rating. :3:

looks great!

Wonderful, the bottom one’s a bit brightly lit.

Don’t they teach to hit the deck in the army when spotting a sniper? Because they do :smiley: Great picture anyway.

I’m not in the army, so i can’t really know what they learn to their soldiers. :v:

Mastered the particlemaker you have!

I like these alot! Great posing there. Oh, and what blood effect did you use in the first picture? It doesn’t look crappy, so I don’t think it’s default…

It’s L4D Blood. Shot 2 bullets in his head, and just added a few brushes.

the guy in the 1st pic has a litte tiny wrist lol cinderblock trick?

Even i haven’t been in the army yet. But my relative gave me Army Handbook.

Yes ! Love this trick. :3:

I should buy one too. :q:

where did you place these guy’s folders?
I can’t seem to get them to work.

Too yellow

Christ, those are amazing!

The second picture would look better if there was some muzzle flash from the soldier standing up. Otherwise, these pictures are great!

Spetznaz ? I created a folder in Addons, i extracted models and materials, and then i added an info.txt

For the americain soliders, it’s already in addon format => Addons.

both look good, but you can see some flat grass in the second picture that doesn’t match the mountain silhouette. Beyond that one detail they’re awesome.

That’s awesome! I love the lighting.

Great artwork never gets the proper appreciation. Well done.

the guy trying to get the sniper is shooting the wrong way :stuck_out_tongue:
(The blood spatter would indicate the dead guy was pointed towards the “camera”, and sitting down when shot)

but, the second one is amazing.

Artistic 4 you.