Sniper being sneaky in the water

Did the water ripple myself :buddy:

Lovely reflections.

But oh my that foliage effect…

Shading looks really off for some reason. Is it because you didn’t wear a polis-hat while editing?

The foliage just kills it.

First I thought filter rape, but zoomed out and saw it was grass… Jesus christ it looks horrible

I know about the grass, unfortunately, I didn’t have an alternative Team Fortress style grass.

So… don’t use it at all? Seriously there’s no point including something in your picture if it’s totally going to ruin it. Sure you had an idea that included having foliage, but if it doesn’t go according to plan then you have to alter your idea.

That’s not how water ripples, and the foliage is awful. Would have been nice to have SDoF to hide it at least.

Nice angle, I like zoomed in things.

The foliage is bad, but everything else is nice.