Sniper Challenge Agent47

[tab]Name:[/tab] Agent 47
[tab]Description:[/tab] From Sniper Challenge
[tab]Contains:[/tab] Agent 47 without tie and jacket, Silverballer, Sniper Rifle(TRG something), all bodygroup available.
[tab]Credits:[/tab] Square Enix. for original models/textures, Me for rigging and bodygroup, and HUGE THANKS goes on to NinjaNub[NOR] for eye/faceposable and textures modified. And Kosai106 for ripping.


Trivia: Not in the scenes, yet silverballer also has hammer and slide action as bodygroup.

Since my Workshopper doesn’t work properly, I will update later.
Again, megaton thanks to NinjaNub

Sweet, we finally get a good agent 47 model
I shall praise you like a god


I don’t like how the pistol was done, but everything else here looks nice, still good work.

Uhhm, I really don’t know about this… oh, boy.
Then try duplicating Breen’s .phy file and paste it on the same directory as 47. And then rename it agent47.phy. Perhaps that would be working though I didn’t need to that to work…

Yeah, even I don’t know what’s on the pistol. Frankly, I recommend you to download other silverballer from as CS:S skin or else.
Actually, you might be able to fix the pistol physics by doing same as I mentioned above. Copy .phy of pistol from Half Life 2 and paste, rename it. That would do.

Great, another good model for troll poses.

It is weird to see someone who isn’t supposed to smile to smile.

Someone who is not supposed to have so much emotion now struggles to save a school-uniform-wearing girl(not in the scene). For sake!

It is isn’t it.

Let’s post those images in Hitman forum.


Looks like Wayne Rooney.

quick someone grab the hair off of postal’s ass and transplant it onto 47’s scalp, i think we might be onto something here

Noooo the bumpmaps :frowning:

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Looks tons better than the last time I saw it, though.

Sex poses.

Rev 'em up.

Sadly I get this exact same problem, and using the breen fix didn’t work :frowning:

when you have downloaded the model, open the winrar file and go to models, then drop this in it.

You’re an angel m8

Have a friendly and my thanks. <3