Sniper counters a rather bad scout

Damn, I’m rusty at TF2 posing.

C&C etc.

scout is about to get circumsized :<

Eh, nothing to rave about but it’s a decent picture.

“C’mere, lad. I got you a present.”


Not bad, now if this were in video form that would be amazing.


Looks like you turned down the brightness, why? :cop:

because it’s late afternoon of course :colbert:

scout looks fat in the first picture

Awesome work taggart.

Blame the BONK!.

Posing in the second picture is pretty cool.

I always liked your pictures.

Rated useful based on truth.

Also, wtf is your avatar?!

I think it would’ve been better if he grabbed the scout’s arm, but that would be difficult without Nexus’s joint fix.

Grabbing the scouts arm is not badass though

Where’d you get your avatard from Taggart?

That’s a Good kept Movable secret of Fidelity

(hint: GMF)