Sniper Elite 3 German Sniper

I was checking some pages ago and i found the luxox’s Sniper Elite 3 models thread, as we all know, these models aren’t compiled for Source, i was wondering if someone could do something with them because i really like the models from this game, AND that would be a great release. I’d like to do it myself, but my laptop has only 800 MB of free space (and i accidentally deleted my modelling tools some days ago…) and i can’t do anything untill the next year (when i get back my desktop computer). Here’s a pic and the download link for the guy: (OBJ format, 2048x2048 and 4096x4096 textures)


Allright, ill do it. just give me a couple days. (School stuff)

Anyone know how to make these transparent? like in the picture Luxox made?

Here is a quicktutorial .


Thanks a lot mate!

Yea. The Leafs arent showing up in Gmod.

If you could link me the model i might could do something about it, or just take your time

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Wait, have you added “$allowalphatocoverage 1” and "$alphatest 1 " to the VMT?

Yea, add me on STEAM.


Didn’t take as long as i thought it Would.

Will release later, does ANYONE happen to know where ANY Civil War (British) Red Coat models are? that i could port to gmod?