Sniper Elite 3 US dude

why nobody done that before?

This is the only good WW2 US uniform out there. Somebody just rig it, I’ll do the rest.

Oh that guy

I asked for him like 1 year and a half ago and someone ported him but never got to release it. I’ll look for a link or upload it, you might want to touch the shaders and add him faceposing/eyeposing too.

[SP]The screenshot is from my old laptop, everything should look way better[/SP]

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Here’s the link:

I take no credits for the port, I just re-uploaded it

Ok, so what’s the guy who ported it called?

God of Pro’s, he should have a Toby/Tobuscus profile pic

Ah, here’s he:

Hm. Well, the rig is quite shit, and I’d rather someone fix it or do it properly, or it just won’t work.

Why is it quite shit? I can’t for hell use it with valvebipes models… and it’s on valvebiped. And it’s badly rigged in the area of elbows and shoulders.

And when it comes to these shaders you mentioned…

    "$basetexture" "models/TheGothem/SN3/US/gi_sniper_body_d"    "$bumpmap" "models/TheGothem/SN3/US/gi_sniper_body_nout"
    "$basetexture2" "models/TheGothem/SN3/US/gi_sniper_body_nout"
    "$bumpmap2" "models/TheGothem/SN3/US/gi_sniper_body_nout"
    "$envmap" "models/TheGothem/SN3/US/gi_sniper_body_s"
    "$envmapmask" "models/TheGothem/SN3/US/gi_sniper_body_s"

What is this?

Give it better hands too.