Sniper Elite 4 models

Going to post weapon models from SE4 in this thread. I might do other models later.

Starting with the German FG-42

US Colt 1911A1

German G-43 - Gold, camo and night skin included, but could not unwrap camo wraps properly so they are not in here for now.

Thanks to:
Luigi for QuickBMS and script.
Shakotay2 and Acewell for Hex2Obj and help.
Luxox_18 for help and support.

Looks great, could you do some vehicles?

Yes, I might try to do some vehicles later, but weapons first and they will take some time to complete. - If you are in a hurry: - Ninjaripper works on SE3 and has a lot of the same vehicle models as SE4.

Looks like those doesn’t really have specular and gloss textures, could you perhaps look a bit more for them? Because they are basically all black, and it’d be nice to use some shaders on those models, because they look really good.

specular is in the alpha channel of the albedo texture

But in case of these models there aren’t.

I see Trek - the Alfa was deleted when converting the albedo to DXT5.
What is the best way to include it ?

Perhaps 32-bit TGA?

Can do! - Will update to correct this shortly. - Thanks for making me aware:)

EDIT: Packages now contain the Speccular maps and the illustration pic.

Couldn’t you just save all textures as TGA? I’m pretty sure there’s some more things in alpha channels that got lost.

Oh, and the meshes are completely screwed up.

  • I could, but I think it would increase filesize unneccesary. - There will be more textures for each weapon included in other packages.
  • There are no Alfa channel in the Normal map, and the original metal map alfa was copied into RGB so I dont think anything else is lost.

Screwed up meshes?? - Opens fine in Blender on my end. - Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m using max. Something’s wrong with your OBJ export. Could you try another format?

In Max import as single mesh:

German P-08 Luger

German Walther P-38

That’s great, could you try getting the rarer weapons as well?

What weapons do you got in mind Portugalotaku ?

High Standard HDM
Beretta 1934
Beretta 38A
OVP 1918
Ross Rifle
Swedish Mauser
Mkb 42

The game also has a Steyr-Mannlicher and a Winchester 1895 Russian Musket. While I got both of these out of BF1, these versions have the specific scopes they used.

This page has more info:

If you do not want to do them, that’s fine, I do not need the weapons right now, it would just be nice to have them publicly available in the long term.

I am aiming to port most of the weapons from SE4 including those you mention. Just be aware that it is slow work for me.
I recon the DeLisle carabine is rare and should be on your list… - I have worked on it but have had problems texturing it correctly since it is multi-textured. I think I got it figured out now so it will be released when ready.
Btw the Winchester 1895 is not a Russian musket… - Its a very famous American repeating rifle.

(Quick google search)

Now I’m not a huge gun expert, but judging by images floating around the internet, it doesn’t look like the Russian version, but rather like a commercial or US Military .30 Cal one.

Correct me if I’m wrong though.