Sniper Elite V2 Character Models


Models in .smd format (with bones) and .obj format


(The posters.rar contain the propaganda photos from the game)



(Credits: Revelation from xentax forum for the HSKL,HSKN , RSCF import)

If they are in .smds then they are ready for compile, aren’t they? Just needs a .qc, right?

I think…I had no time to test the .smd files.

I guess he just exported it to smd to keep the bones and weights. They still need work, I think.

sexyyyyy keep it up and do more pleaseeee

Only work that should need to be done is finger\hand bone renaming, eyeball coordinates, and faceposing.

By the way, there should be some speculars too, but I can’t find them.

They are in the alpha on the color map. Also I bet you didn’t scale them. You need to scale it to about 38 times bigger. Might be around that anyway I use that factor cause it match RO2 models I did earlier. Working on Adolf Hitler but sadly I don’t have a lot of time to work on the faceposing right now. School takes a lot of time. Also the smoothing needs to be redone.

I think, that there are no alpha channels on the color maps, I checked.

Asura engine use the Diffuse map as color map and specular map (2x1) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well why do I have them in my stuff? Hitler is using the spec map from the diffuse that I transfered to the bump map.

all characters ready for download (now with specular maps)


OMG, can’t wait for them to be done!

EDIT: Shit, invalid or deleted file.


sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could make them as ragdoll.

luxox_18 - Skeleton model don’t have bones?

Nice relase, thanks!

Skeleton model does have bone when it’s exported in some way.

I couldn’t find the hskl file for internal_skeleton model :confused:

You don’t need to have exactly the hskl of the skeleton to make it work :stuck_out_tongue: Try using a soldier hskl.

This Skeleton model is the best I have ever seen, nice work.