Sniper explains how he murdered the spy.

Professional? More like crazed killer.

I know engineer looks like hes drunk…

Blood Spam and strange posing
Not very well

better than yours

Your not a good critic of things, you complain of people not giving enough info to you on how to improve and yet you do the same…

From his post of day before…

Return to the main point, demo’s face is nice imo.

You are wrong, Sir.

This is really bad.

Shitty angle,
Blood spam,
Bad posing,
Bad faceposing.

aww they are holding hands :smiley:

i dont like tf2 posings. they look so stiff.

Okay I agree.
I give shitty critism very often.
But isnt there blood spam and strange posing?

If I wanted to do blood spam in my pictures I’d do it. Infact how about I show you blood spam?

I’ll give some actual C&C.

As stated, the blood, most people around here, don’t like that type of blood, it look’s painted on. My advice, is to get some blood brushes for photoshop, but a little bit here and there is alright.

The posing looks a little strange, straighten the engy and sniper, and have the scout lean back a little bit more. The demo looks nice.

lol you guys bitch too much

Excessive hl2 blood splatter does not make a good TF2 comic.