Sniper fight.

Intense. Arty’d

Nice stuff there Enhanced_AI… nothing really bad about it, except the part where he’s slicing the Soldier’s arm, his own arm looks sliced / messed up in my opinion.

Oh, and in the last frame it kind of looks like hes floating.

That’s awesome AI.

Its the angle IMO.
Nice stuff man, I like the motion and the blooood.
Posing is pretty nice too.

Interesting pictures
have a heart

Holy shit, that was awesome.

Fucking Gorgeous!

That’s a piece of art.

Pretty cool.

Short n’ sweet.

Great posing. Blood is pretty sweet too.

The cut off arm in the last frame looks rather bad, but very nice posing!

Bloody brilliant!

Looks like the War update got canceled.


What happen to the Demo? Guess he was to drunk to fight alone. Anyway, good.

O hit was moved.

Thanks for the comments everybody.

Makes me want to play TF2.

Assassin skills, nice.