Sniper firing edit

I wanted to try and actually edit a picture. I have to say it came out better than i expected.

I tired fixing a few errors but they ended up making it look worse :confused:

that being said i need new pose ideas

The follow up

Real nice effect.

Clipping, the posing is a little awkward. I mean, if he held the rifle like that the butt would slide into his arm, or break his collar bone. Finger posing is alright, hand placing is incorrect though. Smoke would not be exiting the bolt chamber, right after firing, only would it when the bolt would be pulled back, or if the rifle was an automatic where it spat out the bullets on itself.

The rest is, k. Also he is in a bright position for a sniper :stuck_out_tongue:

The smoke looks pretty good, but the only issue is that it wouldn’t actually be there as it is a bolt action sniper.

Crap :ninja:'d


And THAT ladies and gentlemen is good criticism!

Lets hope you use it for your next picture, you got much to look forward too.


It’s pretty good.

Why is his trigger hand not shifting back with the rest of the gun/body?

I think it looks a little better…

bolt rifles don’t do that unless they’ve been fucked up.

His barrel shouldn’t be pointing outside the window. That just makes him easier to see. The whole rifle should be in the room is possible.

He is sitting in a brightly lit room… I think being seen is the last of his worries.

I love the motion blur. Good work.


He’s coming for us :ohdear:

Posing looks bad from what I can tell. His body isn’t set up to fire a weapon like that. Smoke also shouldn’t be coming from the chamber.

For your new pose, pose the target :v:

I like it, terrorist going “what the fuck is he doing?”

i need that smoke for a some bullet shells link to the smoke please

i have it saved