Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Walther P99AS?

Can anyone get this model from Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3? In case, just model. no textures.


i have the model, you need a tool to convert the textures. i don’t have it, at least not a working version. the image files are split.

Great! Anyway, I need just the model, I’m not interested to textures, so, if you want, you can share it without them.

here it is, but i’ve found i can’t import it. i tried noesis, but the plugin doesn’t work.

Upss. H2O save your ass.

Model as *.object without texture.

Aday, thank you very much. h3x3r, you’re the greatest, as always.

Anyway, h3x3r, did you rip the model or did you just convert it?

I just convert it with Hex 2 Object. Not easy for beginners but it can be done…

I just looked at what Hex 2 Object is. What a mess.

Anyway, better like this, because I wanted to ask for some other models, but at this point I don’t think that’s appropriate :happy:

If you want more models from this game then send me that files. Or better upload all Objects.pak archives.
BTW converting those models is piece of cake compared to WoG weapons.

i can do that. i’m interested in the models. but you don’t know a method for un-splitting the textures ? there is dds unsplit, but i can’t get it to work.


Send me also textures. I know a way how to joint them with 010 Hex editor script

here are all the textures and i cleaned the models archive.

Edit: How i can open model, i try open in noesis but dont work

I tried using DDSUnsplit for the textures, but it doesn’t work since it doesn’t understand the header.

@ Portugalotaku here is OSW-69 :wink: for your friend.
Model Format: FBX
Texture Format: DDS


Include all textures such as diffuse, normal/bump, specular and mask.

Characters also possible…:cool:

Anyone have plugin CryEngine for noesis or 3ds max ???

Someone must first do analysis of files and then script