sniper,heavy, and demoman dress up for the oscars! (plus bonus)
running from the 90’s


C&C is apreciated :smiley:


dont you just love the oscars?

It kind of looks like the Sniper’s saying something like, “C’mon, mate! Why can’t I be the Terminatah?”

the sniper is looking at the demoman like “avatar shouldve fuckin won”

That would make a sweet demo model.

Considering it’s a hat

It basically already is a sweet demo model

I’d like to get my hands on that water texture.

Lol Juggernaut Demoman

Where’s that damn shark from

It’s giving me some major Nostalgia even if I don’t know where it’s from.

I’ts from one the the levels from Banjo and Kazooie I think.

um… first pic left to right; avatar, terminator(salvation) and hurt locker.
am i right?

The Terminator one doesn’t fit in.