Sniper in Iraq shoots insurgent. POV.

something very raw and painting like. dunno was bored and im high as a kite since yesterday 10 pm.

flame, discuss, behold… what ever :slight_smile:

Artistic, i like it :slight_smile:

Editing looks very nice. Although, when you look through a scope at a distance, what you see isn’t always aligned with the scope. So the image in the scope could be a little off, for a more realistic experience. But I can understand that you went with this, seeing as it would confuse people otherwise.

Looks awesome

yay thanks guys :smiley:


Dunno what scope you’ve been looking through, but where I look, and the crosshair lines up. That is usually where my bullet goes.

depends what angle you look through the scope… i think thats what he meant.

Nice. I really love the use of grass brushes although it’s odd no grass is in front of the scope lens, and some of the grass is clipping through the scope. Awesome overall.

great pic really like the editing on the scope :smiley:

Really nice work.

One shot, one kill.

Loving the blur around the gun and scope view, but i don’t like the blur in the scope and crosshairs, they should also be aligned with the target.