sniper in the church tower stay low!

2nd pic

hope you guys like it im gona do a beach landing thingy next

c&c welcome

Like I said before, turn your graphics way up.

i cant or the game crashes sorry for the crap factor

And put the pic in [noparse][/noparse] tags.

kk ill do that with beach landing screens

My God is your computer from 2002 or something? This is Source we’re talking about here…

That made me laugh, which means my co-wirking are looking at me funny, I should get back to work.

Also posing looks good from what i can tell.

You must be working too hard. Have a rest.

thanks for the posing coment i try to make my pose’s as good as posable

oh my… I think I do, I just checked the second pic.

Your, off to a good start, but still posing needs work.