Sniper In the Desert.

Shading practice

C&C without generic

generic sorry.

Love the shading. :slight_smile:

Nice depth-of-field.

The shading under and around the hood is just ridiculous though when none of the other shadows in the picture are nearly as dark.

This looks like it took about ten minutes to make. You could have added more detail by making the sand more lifelike with some textures and by making it look like the bipod and the sniper have some weight, sinking into the sand.

Wow, impressiv, i like it.

Yeah, nice depth of field and all, very nice.

The only flaw is the clipping shoulder on the right.

Man, if you don’t busy, can you tell how to make so good shadows?And how did you made intervention?It looks awesome!

Could you link the original Picture? i would like to see it.

and intervention is not mine
ask ddok, he knows.


well I took an hour for that. lol

I’m fairly sure this is actually the very best posing I’ve seen so far.

I don’t know why, I just love it.

I’m glad you like it. :smiley:

Pretty decent work there.

Nice, the only problem is the fucked up shoulder

The hood seems kind of sharply shadowed compared to the rest of him.