Sniper looking at horizon


Another one of TF2! Hope you enjoy!

Angle is a bit weird, but posing looks good. Good job.

I like the camra angle. so far can’t really find anything wrong so nice job man.

Needs Super DoF

This is really great.

try adding a filter over it, some sun glare, maybe a few contrast changes, and then cover the whole thing in a 25% blur

I don’t think it needs a filter or anything.

Posing is nearly flawless.

I think it’s fine as it is. The least it would need is super dof, which I highly recommend against.
A pic like this would be fine if not great as it is.

two things:


  2. holding a large rifle with a traditional stock like that is quite awkward. more likely, he’d be holding it around its centre of gravity or with the butt resting on the ground.


the pose is actually quite good otherwise

Thank you all for your comments! :smiley:
Rossmum, I know that is not so realistic holding a sniper rifle in that way… but I only wanted to make a cool pose for the Snip. Thanks for your advise :wink: