"Sniper ! Open fire !"

Yeah, my title sucks a lot. But, anyway, who cares ?

With just a little editing :

Orginal :

I’ve wanted to add a sort of bullet hole in the soldier whose falling and a muzzle-flash at the Thompson but dunno how… ^^’
Feel free to edit !

Nice posing, but why isn’t he(first person guy) looking at the sniper?

Agreed with DaKakis, also there should be more effects, like blood.

You mean, the guy with the Thompson ? He’s aiming at the sniper. ^^’

And for the effect, I didn’t want to destroy the image with a poor editing…

EDIT : No more comments ?

Using a View model for a first-person pose is taking the easy way out, not to mention a bit lazy

I’ve used the arms of the Airborne model, but it’s look pretty terrible…

Not much of a sniper… he’s like twenty metres away.

Weapon positioning is really odd.

That guys a bloody germannn


why does the guy with the thompson have a wehrmacht uniform
you didnt even change what his uniform was

have 100 boxes