Sniper putting heavy to bed.

Cute, right?


The dartts. They so tiny!

Is the sniper rifle clipping?

Otherwise it is p nice. I like it.

Why is it that whenever I say something’s clipping everyone attacks me, but with everyone else it’s k

No, it’s just the scope.

And thanks :slight_smile:

Any other comments? :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t the sniper be far… as in a far away position to snipe? Then again the sniper could have shot the heavy from far away and walked to him without getting shot from the blu team. But that wouldn’t make sense. But then again they are darts and he doesn’t need distance, so maybe this was from medium range. But then again he doesn’t need that kind of a scope for such medium range. I may be thinking too hard, trying to put a deep meaning to this pose. :v:

Pose is good though. :smile:

Turn up jpeg_quality and anti-aliasing and it’d be a lot better

Turn up AA and take pictures using that Tga thing

Jpg artifacts are really noticeable around the heavy’s arm and head, and the croc hat, anywhere where there’s a border really.

Yeah, the JPG quality as others said, otherwise I like the posing and the expressions :3:

You should really use those HWM models man. Lightning is cool and posing is perfect.

It’s impossible to facepose those fuckers…

Not really

I have a guide here somewhere, let me go get it.




And that there is how ye do it

Thank you so much for that. I’m saving those for later.

As for the pic, it seems too dusty or bright. Good posing though.