Sniper range.

It’s my first upload though, so i will try better next time.

TO INSTALL: put “Sniper range.txt” to …garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator.

NOTE: You need Advanced Duplicator, Wiremod and PHX Storm 3!!! (SVN probably) and (unfortunately) since it is not allowed to re-upload someone’s files, i cannot give you my file with Advanced Duplicator, Wiremod and PHX Storm 3.

HOW IT WORKS: You got two panels, one with the control panel and visual instructions. The other one is with the prop wich you are supposed to shoot at.
You adjust the distance by using the control panel. The distance is pretty long, so i recommend to use gm_flatgrass. (I think it may fit in gm_construct)
Also, don’t worry about changing the hydraulic very quickly, there’s no chance to make the Sniper Range glitch because of the hydraulic length. (unless you unfreeze the main panel)

I am trying to make the sniper range better, i’ll try to add a damage detector; you will see if you hit the target or not.

TO MAKE THE FUN BETTER: You can use paint tool and paint two eyes, one mouth and you will get a great target to shoot at. :wink:

Pictures are made on freespace_revolution (That’s my favorite map!)

You can upload it if it is REQUIRED to use it. EX: If I made a fort that required PHX, Wire, and Weight STool, I would be allowed to put that in the .zip.