Sniper Rifle

This is edited from the original post Alrite, since no one in the entirety of facepunch seems to be able to make a sniper rifle, could someone just fix the swep Ive given a link to below? Apparently it was broken in the Orange Box update, and when I spawn it, it automatically zooms in and won’t let me zoom out. The rest of the features seem to work fine except that bug.

Link to Swep: .

By the way: ignore the three posts below this, I edited the original post.

You could just look on

I already did, the only rifle I found that was simialar to what I wanted was screwed up at some point. The moment I spawn it, it automatically zooms in and won’t let me zoom out. I couldn’t find any other rifle that would work/look the way I wanted it to.

come on, no one can make a sniper rifle? I dont think it would be that hard.

Alrite, Im freakin bumping this until someone says something.

There’s a working AWP in the realistic weapons pack.

hmmm… I’ll take a look.

hmm…not quite what I was looking for, but it’ll work. sooo…if the admins want they can close this, unless someone has that fix I was looking for.

What are you looking for?

A fix for this swep:

when I equip it, it automatically zooms in and wont zoom out. everything else about it appears to work fine, but if you can fix that zooming problem, Ill let you know if there are any other issues.