Sniper Rifles

I normally love Sniper Rifles, but after watching a few videos, I’m of the belief that Sniper Rifles should NOT be added to Rust.

Mortars, would be fine, but not precision distance weapons.

No snipers, pleash !
Snipers just destroy every game…

Some bolt-action or semi-auto rifles with decent accuracy would be nice. They don’t have to be scoped, but they could be almost as versatile as an assault rifle in the right hands.

Maybe crossbows/bows in stead of snipers? Something with a good range but bullet/projectiile drop?

I agree of your thought if you were thinking of the one shot potential with the sniper. I would think since rust is more like an island survival ,and less like a war, the most they would do with range is a normal riffle that takes time to reload every shot and would take 2-3 shots in the chest to kill.

The Crossbows and very slow sniper rifles might be okay. I think that the game has way too much open los currently to support sniper rifles. If there were more obstructions where movement could be accomplished under some form of cover without having to traverse extremely long distances in the open, they might work.

I think mortars would be pretty much as game-breaking as snipers. You could kill people from distance that you can’t even see (like people in their houses), and imagine defending against a raid versus mortars AND grenades. At least grenadiers have to be within throwing distance of your house to attack you or the door.

Perhaps, but accuracy of mortars could be very limited and shells would have to be very expensive to craft. Much more so than grenades.

Wait you say no to sniper rifles because that would ruin the game but you want a fucking Mortar in the game…that is some ridiculous logic right there

Not necessarily. Mortars may work, they’re basically long-range grenades. I didn’t say that there had to be any accuracy. You could make mortars work, but sniper rifles are a little more difficult to manage since they’re usually one-shot-kill, extremely accurate and have very long range. Couple that with a very open game with few obstructions to vision, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Mortars that can fire say, 100 meters or so. Lofted shots with very low accuracy would be a decent alternative that I’ve seen mentioned.

Comparing mortars and sniper rifles is pretty bad logic imo. Like comparing a tank and an airplane.

Edit: They don’t have to be extreme artillery like in the real world. Just another ranged alternative instead of sniper rifles that could be perched on every rooftop just waiting for someone to step out of their house or pop out from behind a tree.

Also keep in mind that there are no predetermined spots to snipe, you can built extremely tall towers and the only way that they could get you is with… you guessed it, another sniper rifle.

Well sieging a big ass tower with mortar teams sounds nice. One hit from 10000 meters does not .

See the brilliant thing about creating your own game is that you can make weapons do as much damage as you want it to and put a max range on it. So no, Sniper Rifles won’t be over powered unless Garry makes them like that.

id be fine with sniping, if it was actual SNIPING, and not point and click looting.

if there was windage and adjustment of the scope and range finding and bullet drop, snipers would need to be skilled to be able to kill you. not to mention they would require a second person doing range finding. which is a seperate primary “weapon” so only teams of 2 would successfully snipe, unless its an area the sniper knows well and the ranges of, in which case he should be at home, and you are tresspassing.

No scoped, regular bolt-action hunting rifles would be nice. It’s would prevent assholes spamming shots into a guy from faaarr distances.

I would definitely prefer this game without snipers. Seems like every game they are in, they are the number one objective to obtain and are pretty tiresome to play against. Just one-shot kills.

The Fallout Hunting Rifle would be a good example to use:

Mid-range, no scoped, rusty and worn out, and bolt action. Spot on example.

They aren’t sniper rifles unless they have the ability to take out a target at great range with precision. I have to disagree in the fact that anything short of a sniper rifle is just a rifle. Unless he makes a scoped rifle that has a ludicrous reload time, terrible accuracy, or something that would otherwise make them absolutely useless.

Bullets are somewhat a commodity in this game. Firing a weapon that takes fewer bullets or provides greater accuracy is very important. (with the exception of scatterguns, I guess).

Jesus I can’t get my point across to you so I give up. We’ll have a fucking Mortar party ok? Happy?

How about we add slow, powerful snipers with awful zooming or fast, low-damage, high-zooming ones?

Getting sniped from a hardly visible range would be awful.

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Actually, as much as I hate to admit it, he has a point.

Definitely agree with this.