Sniper rifles.

I’m sitting at home, burning stones and watching my friends mine and make a wealthy, happy community together. But then, the great evil of kevlar’ed guys with guns on em show up and try to break in. So I go to my storage box, and ask myself: “SH**! WHERES MY SNIPER RIFLEZ?!”. But then I get frustrated coz I cant snipe these kevlar guys from distance, M4 scope isnt good enough coz of the recoil and there are no sniper rifles.
Now for real, If sniper rifles would be created it would be real awesome, but they shouldnt be overpowered coz then people will just sit tight and wait for people to pass by so they can snipe them and loot their stuff. A headshot/3 shots to the body will do :suicide:.
Hope you developer guys don’t ignore me ^^.
A crafted, simple car thats faster then walking would be-AWESOME.

No cars, horses :smiley:

people have already suggested sniper rifles in the past, before you make a post scroll down you’ll see quite the suggestions to put in snipers. don’t make more threads about it when there already is major suggestions. they know we want them. btw reading what you posted made me hurt a bit.

a sniper should be a 1 shot in The head And body Not the legs though :smiley:

Head is ok, but I think the body is a no go. Make sniper rifles powerful, but not THAT powerful!

You cant craft horses. You can craft cars (engine parts, windscreens, wheels, body, headlights, seats, pedals, wirings etc).

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Ive checked 2 pages, and I dont intend to go waste my time on checking 50 pages back. You don’t wanna read it dont get in the thread.

It was suggested on this very page.

So I probably missed it. Its not the point of the thread.

Bullshit. Sniper rifles are a bad idea, you saw what they did to WarZ.

Hunting rifles, better scopes. Enough said. Fuck AWPS and that one shot kill from a mile away shit, where you have no chance to defend yourself.

I did not see what they did to WarZ, coz it sucks. And I mentioned that they shouldnt be overpowered, you will need experience with it for a kill.

Like it was mentioned in the other thread, bolt action sniper rifles that don’t kill in one hit unless it’s a headshot :slight_smile:

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I would love the thrill of walkin through the trees slowly to hear a loud crack of a sniper rifle wizzing passed my head.

Maby a 1 shot rifle that takes 2 head shots to kill with bullet drop and low powered scope. The caliber could be like .17 or .223 Just an idea

Do you want a game that is challenging or a game that holds your hand all the way through?

As much as sniper rifles would be cool, they would need to be insanely expensive to craft and the ammo very very very very expensive to craft as well or just make it horribly inaccurate. As otherwise we’d have people standing on their roofs 24/7 (a lot of people already do) Shooting naked guys gathering from very far away constantly.

It’s crazy easy to get a headshot in this game. 1 shot kill in the head? lolok

Sniper Rifles are something we can really add once the game balance doesn’t have any issues. As of right now it will only make the game more frustrating for newcomers

If something like this really is added it needs to be as powerfull as the m4 is now (min 2 shots to head, 4 shots to body). At the most. 1 shot kills are stupid.

The benefit of using it would obviously be the longer range.

will you take out the modern weapons? and replace them with homemade type weapons