sniper scope not working

all the snipers in gmod have scopes that dont work. basically what happens is it shows the animation and the crosshair in the scope but it doesnt zoom in

please help

Are you on a Mac?

Does it on my PC too. FOV is not getting decreased. Tapping +zoom key will put you into scope, temporary fix.

zoomed in and you have to zoom out in order to fire weapon is hardly a fix

If you dont have css thats why.

You will have to buy Counterstrike:source

Yea that happens to me too. I have CS:S installed but when I zoom in with a scoped weapon, the magnification stays the same.

The same thing happens to me, its really annoying.

Wait what? 2 people, same gay avatar (I have seen it on someone else before as well) Same join date, and both first post. My mind is dying. Anyway same thing happens to me. I have most Valve games and it happens on EVERYTHING.

Maybe it’s because of the new updates? Probably not though. It was working before on my old computer.

Yes its due to updates, I believe (someone correct me if wrong) that he has already patched this so it should be fixed in next update.