Sniper Scopes Add Them Please

Okay I bet almost everyone has dreamed of having a sniper scope in rust due to the fact that its really hard to aim using, even the new iron sites. Having a scope that you could possibly zoom in and out, or even just increase seeing distance would make raiding, getting airdrops, defend radtowns, etc, A LOT more interesting and strategic. One of your friend could setup camp on a mountain while airdrop falls and protect you with covering fire. Please if you want a good sniper scope to be made get this thread popular.

Sorry, but no thanks. With large, open maps like these it becomes the weapon of choice and many of the short range weapons become obsolete.

I played DayZ (Mod) long enough to realise it would just devolve into Sniper Wars.

No, no, a thousand times no. People are already KOSing 250m away, no need to make the situation even worse.

Yup, what’s the point in all the melee weapons, revolver, hand gun, water pipe etc, when you can easily find a bolt and snipe.

Scopes in rust would be bad. That’s the great thing about rust. Sometimes you actually have to chase someone down first like in real life.

Scopes never :class:NO NO NO!

We can’t be sure if they will add sniper scopes or not.

“… we can re-use the attachments for different types of scopes and whatever.”