Sniper & Scout Out On Patrol + Master Exercising at selfmade shrine

Dunno, was bored.

C&C etc.

The machete adds a nice touch to the last one

I like them both.
Second one is hilarious(Jarate Shrine lol)

Scouts house brick chin made me lol.

Thomo, your avatar makes me feel strange. Nice one, Tagg. Did Romka answer back?

I love the shrine one.

I haven’t asked him yet due to busyness on my end.

Seems you guys like the shrine. GOOD. I’LL MAKE MORE.

quite awesome.

Okay. Thanks. These are nice.

Great work. The first one really looks like one of those movie scenes, down to (or maybe especially because of) the angle.

I like the second one more though, for which reason I rated funny. Makes its artistic and posing merits no lesser though, funny is almost like artistic for TF2 stuff.