Sniper sniping

It’s a RED sniper sniping with his sniper rifle.

It’s okay, would make a great desktop wallpaper. It just needs a little bit more noticeable recoil.


Also, which map is that?

It’s arena_offblast_final. Seems like someone is using a script to rate new posts informative.

yeah it’s getting old and really tedious…
someone really has no life doing that…

Sniper sure likes to snipe with that snipey rifle of his. Someone’s gonna get sniped.

The hand on the forearm of the rifle needs slightly better posing as he doesn’t seem to be really holding it. Possibly make it look like the rifle has more force (i.e. - more recoil). Other than that, seems to be really good with the rest of the posing and editing.

If there’s still muzzle flash, then there would be no visible recoil.

What is it with people and rifle butts? he’s holding it to his biceps, not a good idea, and it’s clipping noticeably.

The rest of the picture I like, the posing looks good and all, but there could be some more stuff in the background, even tough I know badlands is pretty bare in-game.

The faceposing is a bit amusing, but since it’s TF2, you may have wanted that.

great posing

Nice, clean image. Will look great as a desktop. The only things I would have done differently would maybe have him crouching instead of standing and have him not smiling. I know why you’ve posed him like you have; it fits the TF2 universe perfectly, but I would have done it slightly differently.

All in all, a great picture!

Well I intended the sniper to be sniping down at 45 degrees to another hill below him but I wanted to retain the nice, visual, clean look that the picture you are seeing had so I just only showed the sniper and some distant hills. You can see he is aiming a little above 95 degrees and that is the recoil from the shot. It is hard though to show the recoil since you don’t see where he is sniping at.