Sniper Stabbing Engineer in the Neck

This is my first pose that isn’t rape so go easy on me.
Another thing, how do I make the in-game screenshots higher quality?

Not bad, make sure that you make it look realistic though, the Sniper is not even looking at him.

Looks pretty good. The colour-pallet is nice and the motion blur is decent. Just try to make your blood look less like brushes.

Nice blood effects!

quality: Mat_picmip -10 and jpeg_quality 100

Pose: Slow loading, But thats propably me.
Pose loaded:
Ow painfull! its kinda good, but try to practice a little bit more on the blood.

Yeah, I found this to be an annoyance so I used the distort tool on alot of the brushes. I also just used a dynamic circle brush for the sprays.

I saved it as a PNG so it’s quite a big file.

but R.E.D always wins D=
anyways it’s a nice pic.

In the console, type jpeg_quality 100.
And turn anti-aliasing all the way up.

I have all my graphics set to high.

Awesome pose, great job.