Sniper stabs a running spy with his arrows - 100% SHADOWS

Mmm first time posing. I tried something cool and came up with this using light stool and 2 ragdolls.
I maxed out all the visual shits to make it look more bad(ass). Outcome was this:

Please, PLEASE, give me any tips and pointers on what to do next time. Also, comment on the picture too.

Well, I suppose it doesn’t really matter that you made it on gm_construct (Since, they’re just shadows…)

But if you ask me, would’ve looked better on a TF2 map or something.

Next time, dont use gm_construct, and there’s something strange about both people, but i just cant put my finger on it, but its a cool pic otherwise

is that even a butterfly knife for the spy?

I tried to make the spy like he just ran really fast right in the arrow and that the sniper is really jamming the arrow in.

Thanks so far

The spy has the butterfly knife but it hasn’t dropped yet as this is a fresh kill for the sniper

The arses on both characters are sticking out too much.

I see a wall. This is not 100% shadows.

You can take a picture of the shadows but I can still tell your posing is bad.

Make it going through the back next time, looks cooler in my opinion, also in this one, might want to move the ass end on both of them in a bit, and make the spy looking down at the arrow.