Sniper team


BlackBars + Grain


  • I really fucked up the editing…sucks…


So, what are they doing and who are they gonna assassinate?

They are snipers and they’re moving through the area. The rest is up to you to imagine. ( They aren’t going to rape Imran Zakhaev if you imagine that…And if you imagine that, I have to ask ‘‘What is wrong with you?’’ )

I don’t think the editing looks bad. I just think one of them should be a spotter! Just give one of 'em an M16 or something and I think it’d look a lot better.

Not bad. Have an artistic. Shading is good, not perfect, but good. The blur on the silence feels a bit weird to me.

I think it’s worth an artistic.

Remind me of COD4.

CoD4 Models, CoD4 Foliage, CoD4 reference, CoD4!

  • Thanks for all comments

Go easy on the burning. Don’t really heavily burn a small selection of areas and leave the rest of the picture untouched - it looks really out of place.

What map is this, and did you use the MW2 operators?

Chewbacca team.

The burning is extremely overdone.

Other than that, though, good work. Everything else seems perfect.

Map is Gm_Flatgrass…this is a scenebuild.
No, I didn’t.

ookay? how did u get ghillied weapons and what models did u use for ghillie then?

… and look for Ghillie - should be The phy’s of the model(s) are terrible (It’s only CoD4 Ghillie, and CoD4 ghillied sniper rifle.)

Looks nice.

Though the screenshot looks nice, sniper teams, military squads, ect. idea is getting old.