Sniper tries to find his target

Look at the pictures below!

inspired by this:


Get rid of that meme avatar.
Really, it’s unfunny, unoriginal and overused.

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I bet he’s going to improve a lot with your comment Ascensive.
Posing’s nice, but he’s not even holding the sniper and the M4 behind is levitating. Try to get a better lightning by playing with lamps.

i am going to make a v.2 :wink:

Why do you bitch about the avatar? This thread is not about avatars. It’s about the image he posted.

Looking forward to that one. Very nice resemblance to the original picture you posted. The angle can be improved, and like headshotter pointed out, the sniper looks wonky.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

thanks man :smiley:

Keep looking. That damn target is somewhere.


Some Pics and Picture of the Background

No need to take 5 pictures of a same thing, there’s still not enough grass and lightning on the first one was better.
Posing seems to have improved tho, nice job on this point.

dont like it. the scenebuild looks crap, bad fingerposing, bad lightning and bad angle. posing…hmmm… hard to tell

Stop bitching! it’s a good pose, tell how he can improve, not the things that are bad!

He’s pointing out the things that are bad so he CAN improve…

Kyno, shut up.

On topic:
Scenebuild needs a bit more grass and the fingerposing could use some work.

Kyno, we’re all sick and tired of your bullshit. If he isn’t pointing out the bad aspects of the screenshot, then what can you improve on?
Quit trying to act like you’re the shit and quit posting like a retard.

Thats how he gets better, kyno.

Nice pose btw, second one, could use work… overall they’re good.

Better, Masteryves, but…have you ever seen grass going THROUGH a pistol? I haven’t…
Also that box (which looks like a box only if you look STRAIGHT at it) is something you don’t really need. Texture is too low in terms of quality and it kinda blends with everything else around on the pic, plus, it looks different on different sides…not the best choice.
Fourth pic…good but the thing that confuses me is the area between the right sniper’s legs (I know lol).
And, as bubbagamer have said - don’t take five pics of the same thing. Make ONE, but GOOD one.
Good luck comrade!