Sniper vs. The Announcer

I actually got bored about 10 seconds in.

noted. i’ll try and make my gmod videos more interesting and/or funny in the future.

I can see from your previous posts you’re interested in trying to gain a larger audience for your videos.
But it’s going pretty horribly.

Here’s some tips; learn your target audience. Is Facepunch really an audience you want to attract, at least at this point?
Perhaps you’d be better off entertaining your friends and hoping that they share with their friends.
Does any of your work have common themes or the same production value as the average thread on the “Screenshots and Movies” subforum?

As much as I dislike your current work, I’m not going to try and stop you from continuing to attempt at getting better.
Learn from your mistakes; practice lighting, posing, general editing, and basic animation theory.

If you’re going to keep making videos, try and actually make them better.

Because they’re still bad.

Your motivation skills are horrible.

Besides, I’m not dasboschitt or kitty706. I haven’t been making gmod videos since 2008/2009.

Thats not an excuse.

**technically **in most cases that can be valid

not as much ‘experience’

although it doesnt take any fucking effort to make a gmod video ‘funny’.

No its not.

He was already told about his videos’ quality in his previous threads, and kept posting them.

You’re getting better.
This wouldn’t have been so bad if you just work on your cinematography and basic editing.

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Oh don’t be so harsh, he hasn’t left yet so he obviously wants to improve.

i said technically it can in most cases

not this

how old are you

11, almost 12. you can ban me for age i really dont care.

Then Facepunch is not for you,go back to Club Penguin and don’t return until you’re 14-15.

unfortunately this might be the truth

leave while you can, you’re not going to like it here

Club penguin? 2disney4me.

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no seriously, for your own good. we aren’t the friendliest of internet communities

ironically a lot of people joined fp at the age of 12, this has been happening since 05 and its the tragic cycle of the forum

I joined when I was 13.

I joined December last year. I’m 21.

Anyway, the vid is a little better than your others. Not much better, but still better. Keep working on it.