Sniper walking around with his bloody machete during a storm...

Idea is not by me but who cares. :v:
C&C plz I need it.

His arms are a little strange. The rain look wierd and the lightning isn’t very well made.

Thats not a good critism.
Why does his arm looks strange?
Why does the rain look weird?
Why does the lightning look weird?

If you want to help me please explain.

Everything looks very… fake.

what the shit on the machete?

Explain please.

The “Shit on the machete” is blood.
What did you expect?

Changed the version of the picture so it doesnt look that “faked”.

You changed the image … FAIL

What the fuck is wrong with you.

dont be noob first image is shit but you changed it


Posing looks very unnatural and the lightning is meh.

Yes I changed the images cause people helped me how to improve.
Work on your english dude.

Good edit and bad posing.

Bad posing and bad editing, the blood should be at the sharp end of the KUKRI, if he now slashed someone with it. His arms are to close to his body and the lightning looks fake.

Thank you dutch
But whats so odd about the posing?

Changed picture for the last time.

I know I fucked up the blood.
But maybe he didnt kill with the sharp ending?

That would be retarded if he didn’t.

Well blood is just there because picture needed to be more badass.
If I failed.

You failed alot.

Get a reskin for the kurki with blood on it, saves more time and its not called a machete, if you look at the weapons layout on TF2 its says kurki. Also lighting just ruins it, so does the fake moon in the background, the rain effect is ok I guess, the other parts just kill it and his head posing needs improving, maybe moving his head up a bit so we can see some damn eyes…

Thx mate.
Thats some informative critism.
Ill look for a reskin.
Okay yeah moon doesnt fit I agree.
But I dont get it why is the lightning that fucked up?
You arent suposed to see his eyes that was part of the picture.
Is that bad?

I like it,whether it’s fail’d or not, i don’t care.