Sniper Wolf (Metal Gear Solid)

This is a custom Sniper Wolf model put together using a modified version of Quiet’s Sniper Wolf outfit from MGSV, modified Ciri’s head from Witcher 3 and some other stuff. There are models of both of her outfits - the regular interior one and the genome soldier coat exterior one. Both have some bodygroups for removing gear, shoulder Foxhound patches and also to give an optional bra to her regular costume and also skingroups for removing her lipstick. The model has eye and faceposing in the form of FACS and all that jazz. Also it should mostly work in SFM, though I’ve had reports of her eyeposing being a bit weird in SFM but I have no idea how to fix it.

Credits to Slim Charles/Jekins/Pvt. Jenkins for these two:


Great work, and great model!

If I may ask, what ever happened to the civilian dressed spec ops dudes you were working on?

A masterpiece! Thank you for providing us with a great model! Keep it up.

Good work!

I kinda forgot about them, though I might release them soon, along with some other stuff I at some point worked on and then forgot about.


Sounds good.

Awesome model!, thanks for the hard work.