didn’t pose it I think stea1th did


The laser is coming from the scope? wtf?


Bad rain, no Depth and also looks ugly.

Maybe theres a laser behind scope? :slight_smile:

That would fuck his sight on the scope…
But its his rifle! I’m not the one whos gonna miss the target :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like it more without the laser.

That’s assuming that it would also fuck his sight if it was BELOW the scope. The laser is fine.

Like the picture, however. The rain, I will have to say, maybe needs depth or detail. Add 2 or 3 more layers and it’ll look Sexxay

Not to mention the laser looks WAY off.

Laser site coming from the scope?
Anyways posing is nice but I am not a fan of the edit.

I think someone woulda spot that sniper by now cause of that lazors
Coming out of a scope? Unless the lazorz is coming from another person that’s aiming at the sniper’s scope…

Nice Edit

A laser is the last thing a sniper would use. He might as well bang kitchen appliances and yell “Here I am”.

awesome, someone edited it!
i must say, it looks fantastic but the laser is kinda odd.

I like how you rated yourself funny.

Smoking hot.

The top one looks a bit winter like for me. I would like it better without scope.