Snipers fighting with rebels.

Edit and pose by me. I just wanted to test these awesome models so I made this pose. C&C please.

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As i said on steam: :3:

I like the idea and posing looks good, but it could use some more smoke and outer glow on the muzzleflash.

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Please reply i wan’t to know if it’s good.

Wow, really good, also what are you using for the muzzle flashes?

I agree it does need a bit more smoke.

Nice though.

Something i just noticed, no bullet trails like coming at them, and the gun that guy was holding that’s dead is facing wrong way if you fall why would it do that hands are facing North west an gun is east

Thanks for the polite comments, i thought that this was dead.

Nope, not when something this awesome is made =3


Oh, are you good at mapping too?

Sorry im bad at mapping, the map is not mine.

Well, i can make a map for your posing if you want =3

Okay thanks, i will keep it in mind.

If you want to see what I’m working on now here is link

Picture is really blurry.

“Die, you seemingly offscreen threats, DIE!”

what are the models pls? nice btw

Here, you want the ragdolls right?

Atleast someone who likes the models/skins.

Good job on the pic.

yeah thanks dude your great :smiley: