Sniper's moving into a position


Light edit

Light edit + Noise

Just wanted to try editing, again…


disable the shadow on the running guy and add a shadow through lamps

It’s a bit empty…

This one is the original…lamp

The posing on the sniper looks fine.

you said sniper’s
i only see a single sniper, not multiple if thats what you meant.
and i don’t see what he belongs to, if thats what you meant

Wait a minute how do you disable shadows?

The posing is good but the blood needs to be a bit less bright.

Sniper’s moving into a position = Sniper IS moving into a position.

I have no idea…

It should be A sniper then. Not just sniper.

A’ight, thanks…

No, sniper’s is right, the apostrophe between the sniper and s means sniper’s = sniper is. A sniper would be more formal, but it doesn’t really need to be.

On the picture, I like the posing on the sniper, but the overall pic is a little empty. Not bad though.